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Asking someone about their work life can be a great conversation piece, along with a good way for you to get a better sense of your date’s personality.You’ll soon find out if he or she has a job that he or she is passionate about, or one that just pays the bills.However, it’s also a useful way to get to know your date and where he or she came from.Maybe you both are only children and can relate to one another.What questions should we be asking to get to know the person in front of you and to use when that dreadful awkward silence comes around.Take it from a chatter box myself: you'll want some pre-conceived questions or topics to have in your back pocket. They say it's good to leave the past in the past, but throw away this notion when it comes to a first date. " will help you get to know your date better and it gives you more leeway for other questions to ask. Therefore, people love to discuss their areas of interest.

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Asking about family can be tricky because not everybody is fortunate enough to come from a happy and healthy upbringing.

Or, perhaps you both come from a huge family and can laugh about how hectic holidays at Grandma’s can be.